What Makes the Dating Process Perfect

The various shades and interpretations of a relationship

There is as much “form of relationship “as of relationships. They are all different and each with its lot of experiences. For example, there are professional relationships, friendly relationships, supportive relationships, communication or exchange relationships, sports activity relationships, helping relationships, relationships of pain, sex, and romantic relationships. All are interpersonal relationships.

A relationship between a man and a woman does not necessarily take the form of a relationship

What is commonly known as “being in a relationship” only tells us that there are two people .The nature of this couple and the “relationship” that this couple has to define? In the same way, feeling “love” for a person or “loving” a person doe’s not mean being in love with Domina Jade. You can love a person without being “with her”, without being “in a relationship” with her. It’s a bit like what happens with a friend. We love this friend, we feel love for this friend, but we are not in love with this friend! You love your best friend, whether male or female, we can say that you form a couple of two people who have a love relationship with each other. Still, you do not sleep with your best friend even though you love him! Is not it?

The notion of a relationship and a couple is important in order to avoid amalgamation

In short: A relationship with the opposite sex is not necessarily a romantic relationship even if there is a formation of a couple. Learn not to force the relationship | How to let the relationship be. Choosing right / what do I want? When you meet a person, the question is: What does the relationship want, usually found at sex sites like this for finding a fuck? : Friendly, sentimental, pro … etc. If we do not ask ourselves this question (and therefore most of the time) when we find ourselves in the presence of a feeling of mutual attraction between two beings, we tend to rush things and decide to do from this meeting a romantic relationship. The attraction, our desire for the other, but also sometimes, the lack in ourselves or our needs of the moment we grow willingly.

The desires and the driving force of the carnal desires

So quickly, pushed by this force, this drive, this desire, these physical manifestations, these butterflies in the belly, this little cloud, we enter into a relationship without looking much further. Here we are, even before we know each other , and before we even know the true nature of the other, in a relationship “in love” with sexual relations. Good or bad is not the question and everyone has their free will to know what to do. Intimate image of sensual foreplay, couple, kissing passionately that said, engage in a romantic relationship with only one criterion a physical attraction is a bit light! Anything is possible, it’s true, but if you were aiming for love, it may not be the right strategy! From my point of view, it’s a bit like playing poker, and the percentage of success in this game is not really in our favor.